You will want to be able to take your puppy for walks and for rides. You need to get him used to meeting people and other animals. There are many ways to acclimate him to the new surroundings. You must take your time and not push the pup into a situation where he is uncomfortable. Puppies don’t come into the world knowing all the right things to do, so be patient and have fun with him.

The first few months of the puppy’s life is the best time to introduce him to all the wonders in the world. Expose the pups to everyday chores in the household. The mother will also teach them some social skills.

As soon as you bring the new pup home, introduce him to the family in a quiet setting. This gives him time to get to know the person without the noise of many people in the background. That can cause undue stress on the new puppy.

As soon as the puppy is vaccinated and the vet says it is alright, start taking the puppy on walks and outings so he can begin to get used to his surroundings.

Make sure your puppy meets people of every age. He might become frightened later if you only introduce him to elderly people and he runs into some children. This can also lead to aggressive behaviours in some dogs. Give the person you are introducing a small treat to give to the puppy. This will help build trust between the two. They can even get down on the dog’s level and play on the floor with him after a couple of meetings.

Please remember that socializing your puppy is not “only” letting them play with other dogs. That would simply be too easy. Puppy socialization is the exposure to the activities of daily life with their new family (pack). The training of your puppy begins the moment you bring them to your home and not at 6 months of age when they have already learned some unwanted (destructive) behaviours. As such, basic obedience training is a perfect form of socializing your puppy with other people and dogs. It will also teach them proper pack structure, as well as expected behaviours around social interaction.

If you don’t have time to invest in the adventure of raising a puppy, please don’t bring one home. They do need lots of patience and caring their first months with you. They need to follow a schedule to learn what is expected and before you know it, they will become a wonderful member of your family and be a special part of your life for many years to come.


Written by: Andy Krzus