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Andy Krzus is a knowledgeable and caring dog trainer who is an expert in dog behavior and has a talent to help dogs and educate dog owners. Andy is courteous and dependable and has provided us with the tools and knowledge to correct and create desirable dog behaviors. Andy provides you, as the dog owner, the foundation of knowledge and understanding to be able to use the e-collar to achieve desired results. Our experience with Andy has been exceptional, his accommodating attitude and high level of professionalism proves excellence. We have recommended Andy and Obedience Unleashed training to other dog owners.

Artur and Kirsten

Dear Andy,

I would like to express my appreciation for the training given by you to myself and my dog Chace. Over the years I have had a number of wonderful German Shepherds, who have given me a great deal of companionship and pleasure. Due to the onset of Arthritis I have found that the conventional method of training that I have always used has not been suitable as my hands no longer have the strength to correct in the manner I have always used. The method you have taught me has given me back my confidence and ability to enjoy the freedom I have always enjoyed. I cannot express the joy of knowing that Chace and I can now feel free to roam as we please.

Thank you once again

Lin M.

Thanks Andy for providing a training environment that resulted in amazing progress in loose leash walking as well as fundamental commands, such as recall, place and heel. Your calm, confident style has given us confidence in training our dog. We also appreciate you being available to answer questions and provide other resources when needed. We look forward to attending your group sessions.

Pat and Brian

I was at a loss with what to do with my dogs behavior towards other dogs on leash, I tried other trainers and I was still stuck with the behavior, and partly my fear as well, anyhow a friend recommended Andy and its been one successs after another. I have been with Andy for a month now and my dog louis is a different dog and I’m much more confident.

Thanks Andy I look forward to many more sessions with you


My dog was great as a young pup, very friendly and sociable. However now that she is getting older her behaviour started to change. I was trying my own things with no luck of changing her behaviour, that’s when I contacted Andy at Obedience Unleashed. I began training her right away on the e-collar and saw immediate results. Bella learned much quicker than I had imagined and was moving forward with her training more rapidly than even Andy had seen with other dogs. She enjoyed her training sessions because we made obedience into a game and I look forward to continuing to train Bella and use the tips and techniques that Andy had taught me. Thank you Andy, you’ve helped me to re-train and change the unwanted behaviours of my dog. I hope to show the world how kind and caring the Pitt Bull breed can be.


We have gone to many group classes over the years with our previous dogs and learned the basic commands. When we adopted a 18 month old lab, we wanted to address specific concerns beyond sit and stay. We thought that private lessons would be the best way to go. Andy was great in tailoring the lessons to our needs and showing us how to handle different situations. We definitely feel we got value for our time and money.
It’s true! He trains the owners. We now have the confidence in ourselves and in our dog to take her to off leash parks and to be around lots of children.

Rita and Dave

Thank you so much for helping us train Lu! We are so pleased with all the success, she has made amazing improvement. We can now take her anywhere with us without worry. All dogs and owners could benefit from your training. It was a pleasure having you work with us and we look forward to ongoing training!

Andi and Arthur

Hi Andy,
Feather has adapted amazingly. Her recall off leash is instant and she has learned to walk close when we ask her to. We don’t have any issues with her anymore and we greatly appreciate your help.
I will definitely refer to you if anybody needs help, and will call you if we need further work with Feather. Once again thanks for your help and we both appreciate it.
Dan and Jenn

Brynne is doing fabulous! The E-collar is absolutely incredible and works like a charm with Brynne. It takes some getting used to on our end so that we are not looking at it constantly but we have been practicing on-leash training with her every day, discipline training in the house along with a little bit off leash work. Warren has been able to take her to work a few times and she has been great. She is also listening much better – in the house she will listen and respond to a command most of the time without using the e-collar. Thank you again for everything. We are so grateful for all of the work you have done. I cant tell you how much it means to us as we are both so much happier and less stressed seeing that she is actually responding and improving. As well, she seems to be much happier with the direction and boundaries in place.
Adria & Warren

I just wanted to say thank you for working with Benelli. We have notice huge improvements with his behaviour. I have attached a photo of him just hanging out while the gate to the back yard is wide open and the movers are going in and out of the house loading the truck.  We have been continuing to work on the things you taught us, and I’m looking forward to more successes with him.


I would like to let you know that Eric and I are both incredibly happy with the results of our first lesson.  Wrigley is practically a whole new dog.  Has not bitten anyone, lays still beside us or on the floor at our feet instead of being a maniac while we are trying to relax, has pretty much stopped chewing on things that are not his & all around he’s listening better! It’s pretty awesome to see him looking up at us for instruction of his next move instead of us chasing him and trying to keep up.  He’s even chilling out calmly with our kids & they are enjoying their puppy which they hadn’t been able to do until now. Just want to say thank you & we look forward to our upcoming classes.
Michelle & Eric

Well it is really amazing the new dog that we have. After picking her up she had to go to the vets for her booster shots. They were really surprised at the transformation. We travelled to our cabin and when we stopped for her exercise she behaved extremely well on the leash. Don’t want to loose her at a pit stop! At the cabin she responded to all our commands and was truly a different dog. She was able to get lots of exercise and she actually tried to go into
the creek on our property. Upon returning home Purdy had an appointment at the groomer for a shampoo
and they commented on how  calm and obedient she was. The groomer wanted to know who did the training so you were mentioned. We are able to have Purdy in the yard with us without worrying about her bolting off the property. I have taken her on the dyke for walks and she is enjoying it. Thank you very much for getting us going in the proper
direction with Purdy. It is much more calming for all of us. My husband is actually paying attention to this learning process. ” We” are a work in progress but we now have a good foundation to continue working with.

I am really glad we did your puppy class with Sumo! You gave us some great tools to work with and I think for our needs is all that is required. He’s a good dog and can be naughty at times but nothing too serious. The cat is even starting to come around and they are starting to play a little! I will absolutely recommend Obedience Unleashed to anyone who is in need of puppy/dog training! Thanks again Andy!


Trixx is doing amazing and is egger to please and focusing more with little bit more distractions and we have been working her around barking dogs in the neighbourhood. Plus she has now learned to fetch and return with the toy and is engaging more. I can’t say enough to how much the collar and your tips have helped so far. I look forward to tomorrows sessions.