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Andy Krzus – Professional Dog Trainer; Owner of Obedience Unleashed Dog Training

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Born and raised in Europe, Andy grew up around dogs and other animals on the family farm. At a young age he showed a great interest in dog training and obedience. As a teenager, he started training dogs for family and friends, always with great success. In his twenties, he travelled throughout Europe, North America and Central America volunteering his time toward charitable causes. Andy completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in the United States and took special interest in dog training studies through the history of psychology.

Throughout the years, Andy had many friends and even strangers comment on his dog training skills being highly effective. He always had entrepreneurial aspirations and he really enjoyed working with people and dogs, however, he had never thought of dog training as a career option. He simply thought, he just had a special way with dogs. The turning point was a camping trip with his family in 2008, when he had a very inspirational conversation with his wife and the idea of Obedience Unleashed Dog Training was born. Andy worked in the Public Sector as a Police Constable with the Vancouver Police Department and as a K9 Handler and trainer for the Vancouver Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Team (CAN-TF1). After a long process of discernment, in 2015, Andy decided to resign from the Vancouver Police Department to pursue his dream of professional dog training full time.

He specializes in the fields of marker/clicker training based on Michael Ellis’ philosophy of dog training, plus tracking, search & rescue, protection, remote collar, and advanced on & off-leash obedience.  Currently Andy is training with his Belgian Malinois “Paco” and competing in the canine sport of French Ring. Andy is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT) and is committed to continuing his education within the field of dog training by attending seminars and events, see list below. 

Recognizing the ongoing, great demand for highly trained assistance dogs, Andy co-founded Assistance Service Dogs BC with his wife Marie Therese, to provide a unique service for Autistic children. He is currently the Executive Director and Head Dog Trainer. Assistance Service Dogs BC (ASD-BC) is a Not-for-profit Association that is passionate about training personalized service dogs for those in need.

Education highlights

  • Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) Ave Maria University, Florida, USA (2006)
  • Police Academy. Justice Institute of British Columbia (2008)
  • Dog Trainer’s Course. Manitoba Emergency Services College (2011)


Professional experience highlights

  • Director of Student Services, Ave Maria University (2006)
  • Police Constable. Vancouver Police Department (2008-2015)
  • K9 Handler/Trainer and Search Specialist. Vancouver Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (2011-2015)
  • CEO and Founder, Obedience Unleashed Dog Training Inc. (2009-Present)
  • Executive Director and Training Director, Assistance Service Dogs BC Association (2013-Present)
  • BC Guide and Service Dog Validator, Justice Institute of British Columbia (2016-Present)


Ongoing educational courses 

  • Duke Ferguson – Art of Attention Workshop 
  • Dave Kroyer – Learning to learn
  • Dave Kroyer – Nose Work 1, The Indication
  • Dick Staal – From puppy to working, sporting or police dog
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar – Growl Class, workshop for reactive dogs
  • Duke Ferguson – Dog Training Genesis
  • Ed Frawley – Establishing Pack Structure with Your Puppy
  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy – IPO Tracking – Problem Solving taught by Shade Whitesel

    Course numberSH 301

  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy – IPO Tracking – Skillbuilding taught by Shade Whitesel

    Course numberSH 201

  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy – Introduction to IPO Tracking taught by Shade Whitesel

    Course numberSH 101

  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy – Introduction to Nosework Search Elements taught by Lucy Newton

    Course numberNW 120

  • Fenzi Dog Sport Academy – Introduction to Nosework taught by Julie Symons

    Course numberNW 101

  • Forrest Micke – Dog Training Seminar (Advanced Obedience, Protection & French Ring)
  • Karen Pryor Academy – Dog Trainer Foundations
  • Mark Keating – Basic Bite Suit Presentations and Targeting
  • Mark Keating – Basic Catches in the Bite Suit
  • Mark Keating – The Mechanics of Working a Dog in a Bite Suit
  • Michael Ellis – Advanced Concepts in Motivation
  • Michael Ellis – Building Drive and Focus
  • Michael Ellis – Finishing Work
  • Michael Ellis – Focused Heeling
  • Michael Ellis – How to Raise a Working Puppy
  • Michael Ellis – Teaching Protection Skills without a Decoy
  • Michael Ellis – The Foundation of Object Guard Training
  • Michael Ellis – The Foundation of Puppy Bite Work
  • Michael Ellis – The Power of Playing Tug with Your Dog
  • Michael Ellis – The Power of Training Dogs with Food
  • Michael Ellis – Training the Jumps
  • Michael Ellis – Training the Recall
  • Michael Ellis – Training the Retrieve
  • Michael Ellis – Training the Send Away
  • K9 First Aid Course for Search & Rescue K9 Handlers
  • Structural Collapse Technician Level 1 & 2
  • VPD – KAOS course for K9 police handlers
  • VPD – Police K9 decoy course
Some of Andy’s recent work with dogs