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Remote Collar Training

Remote Collar Training is a non-confrontational, gentle, and very effective way of helping your dog to understand what we want them to do. Old fashioned “shock collars” are NOT what we’re about at Obedience Unleashed Dog Training.  Our understanding of dog behaviour, combined with the latest technology on the market, allows you to learn our low key approach to training your dog for off-leash freedom and reliable obedience. When used the correct way, motivational, reward-based, remote collar training creates a happy, tail wagging dog that understands exactly what you are asking of him.  In my opinion, the remote collar is the most effective, humane approach to reliable dog training that is available today; however, it is also the most misunderstood and abused method if not used properly.

What is a Remote Collar?
A Remote Collar (or E-Collar) is an electronic training device used for communicating with your dog. Our remote collar training techniques teach you that our training tool of choice, is used in a totally different way than you think – your dog is NEVER “shocked” or abused in any way. Rather than as shocking device, the remote collar is used to remind your dog to stay focused on YOU! Most people can’t even feel on their own hand the level that their dog works at – very low levels is the key!  It is kind of like someone tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention. We teach the dog to listen to the “taps” and that the “taps” mean, “Pay Attention & Look At Me”.
Will the Remote Collar hurt my dog?
No. During the consultation, I will let you feel how mild the stimulation of the remote collar actually is.  One common misconception is the remote collar will burn the skin. This is absolutely false. Other people think that it is like a stun gun. Again, this is totally false. I love dogs and would never use the remote collar if it hurt them.
I have a small dog. Is she too small to train with a Remote Collar?
No. Small dogs (or more sensitive dogs) can have a different contact pad for the collar.  Most people think that a small dog will be pinned to the floor when they first get the collar on, but they are always surprised to see their little baby running around like it has nothing on.
How long will the training take?
Most clients will see immediate results during the first lesson. By the second lesson, your dog should be listening to you at home and severe behaviour problems will be on the way to being controlled. Then you come out to the group classes, and typically after a few classes, you will see dramatic improvements in the behaviour of your dog. The length of time needed to fully train the dog will ultimately depend on what you hope to achieve and what your dog is capable of doing. This varies from person to person, dog to dog.
Is this private training or group training?
It is both personal (private) and group training. In the beginning, you will need one-on-one lessons at our location.  This makes it easier for you and the dog to begin to learn our remote collar training methods. Very quickly however, you will have your dog’s attention in a group setting; your dog will learn to listen to you at all times and not just at home. Also, the group class provides useful socialization for the dog, and conditions the dog to behave well around people and other dogs.
I am interested in the training, where do I start?
Give us a call or email and we will set up a time for an initial consultation.  During the consultation, we will give you a demonstration with one of our dogs & let you see first hand how a remote collar works.  I will also work with your dog and provide an assessment of your particular situation.

Foundation to remote collar training (Group class)

*PREREQUISITES: Basic Obedience Bootcamp and Advanced Bootcamp Classes are required. Clients who DID NOT complete the prerequisites MUST attend a one-on-one consultation with their dog. Please contact us for more information.

Participants will learn how to get started using a remote collar as a non-confrontational motivational tool. Basic obedience will be covered, emphasizing practical exercises for every day use and how to work through behaviour problems. This class is excellent for those who have control issues with their dog or for those just wanting to make their dog much more attentive to any command.

4 one-hour weekly classes for the price of $189.99 + GST

Location: Obedience Unleashed Training Centre

Upcoming classes:

  • Sat. Feb. 17 @ 2:30pm – Class date: Feb. 17, 24, Mar. 3, 10, 17
  • Tues. Apr. 3 @ 6:15pm – Class dates: Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1

Upcoming classes:

Puppy Classes:
-Sat. Feb 17 @ 11am
-Wed. Apr. 4 @ 6:15pm
-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 11am

Bootcamp Basic:
-Sat. Feb 17 @ 9:30am
-Tue. Feb 20 @ 6:15pm
-Wed. Apr. 4 @ 7:45pm
-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 9:30am

Bootcamp Intermediate:
-Sat. Feb 17 @ 1:00pm
-Wed. Feb. 21 @ 6:30pm
-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 1pm

Bootcamp Advanced:
-Tue Feb. 20 @ 7:45pm
-Tue. Apr. 3 @ 7:45pm

Off-leash Freedom:
-Sat. Feb. 17 @ 2:30pm
-Tues. Apr. 3 @ 6:15pm

-Fri. Apr. 6 @ 6:15pm

-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 8am

-Fri. Apr. 6 @ 7:45pm