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Dog training services in Maple Ridge/Mission

Our dog obedience training and behaviour modification programs provide reliable, simple, and effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Problem solving and successful rehabilitation are our specialty. We are dedicated to providing quality solutions to fit the needs of our clients and their dogs. At Obedience Unleashed Dog Training Inc., we understand how important your dog is in your life and the importance of having a well-trained dog. From learning how to raise a puppy to modifying unwanted behaviours, we offer a variety of programs that are tailored to fit your dog training needs. Our 4-step obedience program starts with Puppy or Basic Bootcamp, followed by Intermediate and Advanced Bootcamp, culminating with Off-leash Freedom. We also offer a variety of seasonal sport classes, such us: Agility, Tracking and Nosework. Check our dog training services and contact us if you have any questions.

Maple Ridge/Mission Upcoming classes

Puppy Classes:
-Wed. Apr. 10 @ 6:30pm
-Sat. Apr. 6 @ 11am
-Wed. May 22 @ 6:30pm
-Sat. May 25 @ 11am

Bootcamp Basic:
-Tues. Apr. 9 @ 6:30pm
-Sat. Apr. 6 @ 9:30am
-Tues. May 21 @ 6:30pm
-Sat. May 25 @ 9:30am

Bootcamp Intermediate:
-Sat. Apr. 6 @ 3:45pm
-Sat. May 25 @ 1pm

Bootcamp Advanced:
-Sat. Apr. 6 @ 1pm

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