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Boarding Services

Are you going away for a few days or do you need a doggy daycare service?

Would you like to have peace of mind knowing your dog is being cared for in a family setting?

We offer a special dog boarding and/or doggy daycare program that is tailored to your needs. Some of the perks:

  • To ensure the highest levels of care and attention we board your dog in our home for the duration of their stay.
  • We live on a 2.5 acre property with a fully fenced yard and lots of space to run around.
  • Your dog will enjoy lots of supervised play time and two walks per day along with our dogs.


  • Our daily over-night rate is $40.00
  • Full day doggy daycare (maximum 10 hours) is $25.00

*We ask that you provide your dog’s food, treats and favorite toys.

Our goal is to ensure the highest standard of client satisfaction and provide your dog with a true home away from home! Contact us to make a reservation today!

Do you have a very busy schedule?

Would you like to go away on vacation and come home to a better-trained dog?

We have created our Board and Train for Dogs program to allow your dog to receive training while living 24/7 with our trainer. We accept only one dog at a time in order to ensure the highest training standards and client satisfaction. Your dog will participate in regular exercise and activities. The length of training is determined by the particular needs of the dog and client. Contact us to discuss this unique option for you and your companion.

Board and Train dogs will be picked up & dropped off by the client unless other arrangements have been made.

Pickups – The pickup appointment is approximately one hour long and it covers the following topics:  Leadership, commands, ensuring your dog’s continued success, and followup classes.

We offer every Board & Train client 1 followup class at our Training facility in Mission BC, at no extra charge.  This followup is designed to ensure you are learning all the skills needed to ensure a happy and long life with your trained dog.


Hi Andy, This is Louis today after his board and train program..we took him for a walk around Stanley Park. First of all we would like to thank you very much for what you did for our dog. We know how much of a handful he could be! He is very calm and definitely more obedient with us now. We appreciate your work and what you taught not only Louis but us also. We learned a lot from you! When we took Louis in we did not know much about giving him the proper training. After taking him back from you we noticed a big change! We look forward to coming back and joining you for some fun classes for Louis after his eye surgery. We’re sure he misses you and your dogs too. Take care and see you soon!