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Doggy Daycare

Rolley Lake Group ClassAre you going away for a few days or do you need a doggy daycare service?

Would you like to have peace of mind knowing your dog is being cared for in a family setting?

We offer a special dog boarding and/or doggy daycare program that is tailored to your needs. We finished building our new boarding facility in the Fall of 2016. It is located on our 2.5 acre property in Stave Falls, surrounded by peaceful forest, about 200 feet from our house. It is a 32 foot x 16 foot building built to house code, fully insulated, heated, with water, electricity, plumbing, state of the art flooring for dogs, FRP wall covering for hygiene and cleaning, plus a full ventilation system. We have the entire facility professionally cleaned once a day.

The dogs receive 3 outings per day, a walk, supervised social time with other dogs, one-on-one time with our kennel assistants every day for training maintenance, bathroom breaks every few hours. Their day begins at 8am and ends with the last bathroom break/outdoor time between 8-10pm. They sleep indoors at night in their own 4 ft x 4 ft suites. We have a nice/spacious yard with fragrant birch chips where they use the bathroom and have off leash playtime, it is cleaned after every dog uses the bathroom.


  • Our daily over-night rate is $40.00
  • Full day doggy daycare (maximum 10 hours) is $25.00
  • Additional private 30 minute walk can be added to your package for $15.00

*We ask that you provide your dog’s food, treats and favorite toys.

Our goal is to ensure the highest standard of client satisfaction and provide your dog with a true home away from home! Contact us to make a reservation today!

Upcoming classes:

Puppy Classes:
-Sat. Feb 17 @ 11am
-Wed. Apr. 4 @ 6:15pm
-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 11am

Bootcamp Basic:
-Sat. Feb 17 @ 9:30am
-Tue. Feb 20 @ 6:15pm
-Wed. Apr. 4 @ 7:45pm
-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 9:30am

Bootcamp Intermediate:
-Sat. Feb 17 @ 1:00pm
-Wed. Feb. 21 @ 6:30pm
-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 1pm

Bootcamp Advanced:
-Tue Feb. 20 @ 7:45pm
-Tue. Apr. 3 @ 7:45pm

Off-leash Freedom:
-Sat. Feb. 17 @ 2:30pm
-Tues. Apr. 3 @ 6:15pm

-Fri. Apr. 6 @ 6:15pm

-Sat. Apr. 7 @ 8am

-Fri. Apr. 6 @ 7:45pm